Global Running Day

It’s not an exaggeration to say running has changed my life. It has given me peace, time to think, time to heal, strength, confidence, and it has taught me the pride of chasing a goal and achieving it. The fact that I love running has caught no one off guard more so than myself.

I never set out to become a runner. It just happened gradually. I began walking to lose a few pounds, just around the block at first, but then it became walking along local trails, and more for the peace of mind rather than the physical health aspect.

When I became bored with that, and for an added push, I began trail running. Before I knew it, I challenged myself to run a 5K. I started with virtual runs – the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts was my first and those medals and memories will always hold a special place on my wall and in my heart- and once I received my medals in the mail, I was hooked.

runDisney Virtual Running Series Medals

Running has become a friend. It’s something I miss when I don’t do it, it has helped me through many rough days, and it has been my faithful companion waiting for me to heal from too many surgeries to return to it.

It has been a chance to bring my little family together to share in something that teaches you that you can achieve something if you push yourself hard enough. As a family, it has given us so many happy memories like these…

  • Star Wars Half Marathon - Dark Side 5K, April 2018

I run because I can.

I run because I love food.

I run for mental health.

I run to maintain my physical health.

I run to celebrate what my body can do.

I run because others can’t.

I run because I love how I feel at the end of a run.

I run so I can learn more about myself.

I am a runner. Happy Global Running Day.

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