Love Where You Live

What better time than now to get out and explore the beauty of nature? In these uncertain times, I think it’s time we all focused on where we CAN go, and what we CAN do. We all need to focus on our mental health in the days ahead, and research shows that getting outside in nature has many health benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a city with a beautiful waterfront, and it’s a magnificent time of year to get out and explore it: the mountains of snow have disappeared allowing you to get close to the waters edge again, and the ice is quickly melting, creating beautiful ice crystal formations that shimmer in the sunlight.

Even better, the streets around the trails are quiet, which means you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature – no cars, no commuter trains, nothing. It’s perfect for clearing your mind.

So, wherever you are, get outside and explore your surroundings. Grab the kids, your partner, your dog…whatever. Find a new trail, walk around your neighbourhood, let the kids and the dog run in the local schoolyard, go for a run…

There is still a lot we can do, and a lot we have to be thankful for.

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