Cream cheese spread with crackers

Smoked tomato and Herb Cream Cheese Spread

This smoked tomato & herb cream cheese spread comes together quickly with just a few simple ingredients and delivers a powerful punch of flavour for little effort. In fact, it’s so easy, I’m encouraging you to play with your food today by NOT giving you quantities or even a recipe to follow! Ingredients? Yes, kind of. Ready to play?

Play with Your Food!

Every Monday, I place an online grocery order with a local farm and then pick that order up on Saturday mornings. A couple weeks ago I noticed a new item in the catalogue and got excited: smoked tomatoes! If there’s anything that inspires me to get creative and have fun in the kitchen, it’s a new ingredient.

organic smoked tomatoes
Organic Smoked Tomatoes

Smoked Tomato & Herb Cream Cheese Spread

Let me tell you, if you can get some smoked tomatoes, do it! The second I opened that bag and their smoky scent wafted through the kitchen, I was drooling. So many recipe ideas instantly sprang to mind, but in that moment, I wanted something that would quickly get those beauties into my belly. Thankfully, it was a sunny day and the sun was shining on the answer right in front of me: my indoor herb garden.

Ok, so here’s the recipe/non-recipe…

  1. Grab some cream cheese from the fridge and put it in a small mixing bowl. I used half a block for this recipe but have since used the whole block as it quickly became a favourite with everyone in the house.
  2. Take whatever mix of FRESH herbs you have and chop up a few tablespoons. Add to the cream cheese. I have used different combinations but always stick to 3 different herbs each time. Some of my favourites are sage, thyme, basil, and chives. Pick your favourites and don’t be shy.
  3. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the bowl.
  4. Finely chop your smoked tomatoes and add to the cheese mixture.
  5. Blend with a spoon/fork until combined. Refrigerate at least 1 hour to allow flavours to develop.

I love this spread with a simple cracker, but you can use it as a dip for your favourite raw vegetables, or mix it with roast vegetables or pasta as a sauce of sorts. Go play with it and find your favourite combination!

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