Happy Thanksgiving (Gluten-free Apple Stuffing Recipe)

It’s fall in Ontario and it’s beautiful out there!

Thanksgiving is upon us and what a beautiful long weekend it promises to be with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Sure things might be a little different this year, but the food will still be fabulous.

Normally we would have about 15 family members gathered here for Thanksgiving dinner, but this year is different and with recent restrictions, we’re down to just five of us. Fortunately though, it looks like we’ll be doing the entire dinner outside on the back deck with the beautiful fall leaves around the lake behind us. Can’t really be sorry about that.

In spite of our decreased numbers, we’re still doing a big turkey (hey, everyone loves leftovers, right?). And as always here in our house, our turkey dinner will include plenty of food from local fall harvests, the turkey will be rubbed with a maple thyme butter, and our usual gluten-free apple stuffing will be served on the side.

If you haven’t tried apple stuffing, you’re missing out! Follow the link to our Holiday Apple Stuffing recipe to take a look. I’ve tried to switch it up in past years, but my family is never quite as happy with anything else. I highly recommend trying it.

It’s a beautiful weekend ahead. Visit your local apple orchard, farms, or farmers markets and take full advantage of local fall harvests in your area.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone.

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