National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day and what a beautiful day it is. But then, any day that starts with a warm mug of coffee is a good day for me.

Let’s Talk Coffee…

Just a quick coffee break post today before I tackle the day:

What’s your favourite way to make it: lots of milk, cream, sugar? Black?

Do you have a favourite mug? Mine is my Grumpy mug from Walt Disney World. The mug sums it up perfectly for me and is a great reflection of myself (at least until I’ve finished my first mug of the day).

Do you love it flavoured, or no? I’m all about just a straight-up, strong cup of regular java, but my daughter loves her pumpkin spice, caramel…whatever!

Are you a one cup per day kind of person, or do you just keep it flowing all day?

The one thing I know, is that the day is a better one when it starts with a hot, strong cup of coffee.

How do you like your coffee? Please share.

And enjoy your day, whatever’s in your mug.

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