Registered for My First Half Marathon (and then some)

August 28th was registration day for the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend and I excitedly sat at my laptop at the stroke of noon and registered for the 10K run. Not the half. Yep, I know…so much for all my talk and the weeks of training I’d put in in anticipation of the half.

I will admit that my decision was made partly because of the price (I pay in Canadian dollars remember and was adding this expense to the cost of a solo trip to Walt Disney World Resort), and partly because I chickened out at the last minute.

But that decision haunted me almost immediately after I received my ‘thank you for registering’ email and somehow I felt unsettled. The chatter in my head began: running the half marathon and taking a solo trip booked around this runDisney event was supposed to be my 50th birthday present to myself. I had already booked everything, set aside just about all of the trip money, and put in weeks of training in anticipation of running a half with plenty of time left to complete my training. Add in an extra shift or two at work over the upcoming holidays, and I’d easily have the extra money it would require….So I had no excuse really. Except nerves.

Finally, on Friday, I could think of nothing else at work all day except how I’d let myself down. As soon as my shift ended I came home, sat down at my laptop once again, and registered for the half marathon (in addition to the 10K).

I’m happy to say I almost instantly felt at peace and happy. For a few minutes at least.

Then I had buyers remorse and kicked myself for not registering for the Challenge in the first place and potentially earning three medals instead of two (running the 10K + the half marathon = challenge medal).

Fortunately, I belong to a number of runDisney groups and with encouragement and support, I contacted the folks at runDisney who were happy to transfer my registration from the two individual events to the challenge.

Star Wars Rival Run Challenge Registration
Star Wars Rival Run Challenge Registration

So…I’m running the challenge! Yep, the 10K AND the half marathon.

Now I’m unsettled for a whole different reason. But in a good way.

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