Running: What Keeps You Going?

I’m a slow runner. I’ve never broken records, I’ve never placed first in my age group, and I don’t run marathons, but I’m a runner and I love it. I won’t pretend that, at 51 years of age, my body doesn’t complain – it does – but I keep running. Why? Because running teaches me to put one foot in front of the other and to keep moving forward, and in times like these, I need that reminder. Every. Day.

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Holding Yourself Accountable to Those Health & Wellness Goals

Taking accountability and being responsible for your actions can help keep you on track to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. But how many of us do that? We’re just about halfway through this (crazy) year. Are you on track? Have your new year’s resolutions been long forgotten? Are you proud of your actions and progress, or are you making excuses to yourself for why you can’t make the necessary steps to achieve your goals? Do you find yourself setting the same goal over and over, achieving very little every time you do?

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What Are You Passionate About?

I both love and hate this day: the first day of a new year.

Welcome to 2020

You enter it full of hope and excitement, planning and dreaming for a new year of possibilities. You set out new year resolutions, make promises, and set new goals, but truthfully, it’s just another day.

What’s different about today, and why don’t we have this hope and excitement every day we wake up? Shouldn’t we? Every day is a gift after all.

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